Yes, I invented this (as far as I can tell, anyway. So I’m just going to claim it, okay?)

I had some tortillas leftover and some ham and monterrey jack cheese, so my initial thought was to make a “Hamchilada”. But I Googled it. Hamchiladas have been around since the 1970’s.
Undaunted, I created this luscious bit of nummy that I’m going to share with you right now.

Flour tortillas
Thin sliced ham
Grated cheese of your choice
chopped tomatoes, onions, lettuce and guacamole for garnish.
I mixed two tablespoons of sour cream with a healthy tablespoon of whole grain mustard for a dipping sauce, but any salsa of your choice would be nummy too.


Layer a healthy amount of cheese on your tortilla.
Top with slices of ham.
Than add MORE cheese (trust me on this).
Heat a tablespoon or two of oil in a skillet.
Roll up the tortillas like you would make an enchilada (I’m still ticked that wasn’t my original idea, by the way), tucking the ends in so the nummy cheese doesn’t spill out when frying.
Secure the center of it with a wooden toothpick.
Starting toothpick side down, place your Hamichanga in the hot oil for about 2 to 3 minutes until golden brown.
Flip over and brown the other side.
Remove the toothpick, garnish with toppings of your choice and prepare to amaze your family and friends.