Cocktail Sauce

So easy.
So yummy.
You’ll wonder why you’ve been buying the bottled prepackaged stuff all these years.

I’m just listing the basic ingredients here – the measurements are totally up to your tastes.

You will want a 2/1 ratio of ketchup and horseradish sauce (again, more horseradish if you want more kick, a lot less if you like your sauce on the mild side).

Then add a couple dashes of Worstershire sauce, a good healthy squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a drop or two of Tabasco (totally optional if you’re a mild sauce fan).

Let it chill in the fridge for at least 20 minutes until everyone gets to know each other spice-wise.

That also gives you time to pat yourself on the back for making the best darned cocktail sauce on the planet.

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