Cheese Frenchee

This is truly a blast from the past!
When I was a wee little one, Saturday shopping trips with my daddy always culminated in a stop to King’s Food Host. They had this magical concoction called a Cheese Frenchee. I had no clue how they made it, but it was truly the most awesome half sandwich/half deep fried delicacy I’d ever encountered.
Fast forward many years – after tons of research, I found the original recipe. I’ve made a few JudiFoodi specific changes – but the melty yummy goodness is still there.

Four slices of white bread, crusts trimmed
Miracle Whip (yes, Miracle Whip – if you’re a hater, you can sub mayonnaise OR leave it out completely)
Four slices of American Cheese (in this recipe I used a delicious butter käse)
23 (yes I counted) Ritz crackers, crushed
1/3 cup whole milk
1 egg
1 tablespoon cheese sprinkles (you could also steal the little packet of cheese powder that you find in boxed macaroni and cheese dinners)
Vegetable oil


Put the cracker crumbs in a shallow bowl.

Mix the egg, milk and cheese sprinkles together in a shallow dish.

Spread the Miracle Whip /mayonnaise thinly on the insides of all four bread slices.
Add two slices of cheese and make a sandwich.
Dip each sandwich in the egg mixture then in the cracker crumbs to coat.
Very carefully, slice diagonally, then re-dip in the cracker crumbs.

I find at this point it’s best to refrigerate them for a few minutes while you’re heating your oil.
Heat the vegetable oil to 350 in a deep pan or a deep fryer.
Carefully put the sandwich slices in the oil one at a time. Do NOT overcrowd your pan or deep fryer.

Cook on one side about three minutes, or until golden brown – flip over and cook on the other side another three minutes.
Drain on paper towels.

Prepare your tastebuds for cheesy yummy delightedness!